As an equestrian mentor, Sharon Brennan has a unique ability to explain complex equestrian
concepts in a simplistic easy to understand way. The combination of her lateral thinking and
extensive experiences in the equestrian world led her to create the Holistic Horse Solutions Course in order to help others solve more horsey problems.

Over the last 30 years, Sharon has competed in and won numerous championships in Eventing,
Showjumping and Dressage. She was also selected for the Australian Olympic Dressage Training
B Squad with ‘Gilbachtal Marmion’ in 1990. At the same time, Sharon has been teaching horse
riding and horsemanship, qualifying with Horse Safety Australia as a Senior Instructor and Trail
guide in 2004. She has successfully trained pupils who have reached state level in dressage and
showjumping. Her involvement in the equine industry has also included being the secretary and
committee member of the State Show Jumping and Dressage Associations as well as an advanced
dressage judge.

From as early as 1990, due to the injury of her dressage horse ‘Gilbachtal Marmion’, Sharon became
determined to learn about Equine Rehabilitation. In response to Marmion’s injuries she begged
Margie Amster-Herr, who is regarded as the world’s leading Equine Trigger Point Myotherapy
trainer, to come to Tasmania to work with her Olympic hopeful’s leg. This then led to her
fascination in finding solutions to horse injuries and behavioural problems.

In 1996 Sharon won the Preliminary National Dressage Championship with her Warmblood stallion Northern
Aslan, thanks in most part to the invaluable work of Dr. Andrew McLean of the Australian Equine
Behavioural Centre in re-training Aslan after Sharon inadvertently trained him to rear! Sharon’s
next few years were spent creating the Natural Equine Rehabilitation and Warmblood Stud
at ‘Aslans Run’ in Copping, Tasmania. Sharon successfully bred horses that are now winning
at Grand Prix level dressage and Hack classes at National level. However, rehabilitating horses
remained her passion.

In 1998, Sharon gained her NATPM certification as an Equine Trigger Point Myotherapist while
studying with Margie Amster-Herr. In fact, Margie came back to Australia to train Sharon to teach
her curriculum. Since then, Sharon has trained other Australians who also went on to qualify as
certified Equine Trigger Point Myotherapists.

Since then, Sharon has continued to teach both children and adults how to ride while constantly
developing her communication style which allows even the rank beginner to learn difficult equine
concepts simply. At the same time Sharon continued to expand her knowledge in natural horse
management methods such as herbal feeding and homeopathic care.
As part of her desire to learn, Sharon has been proactive over the years, hosting equine specialists
such as Pat Parelli, Andrew McLean and others. From hosting these clinics, Sharon has developed
strong business contacts with various equine experts such as Jane Myers who is an author and
clinician teaching sustainable equine property management and Dr Gaynor Ross, a leading
chiropractor who wrote the Equine Chiropractic Course for Australian veterinarians and animal
chiropractors. Andrew and Manuela McLean, Jona McLean, Kath and Steve Rochford
have also been invaluable in sharing their knowledge and expanding Sharon’s viewpoint regarding
the holistic treatment of horses.

2011– Horse Solutions

2000 – 2012 AAA Horse Riding Tasmania (

1992 – 2000 Natural Equine Rehabilitation and Warmblood Stud


2012 – Cert IV Small Business Management

2008 – Selected units from Cert IV Business Marketing

2008 – The Sedona Method Course

2008 – Jack Canfield’s Break Thru to Success Home Study Course

2007 – Executive Committee Member Horse Safety Australia

2007 – Cert IV Small Business Management

2006 – The Healing Codes LT3

2006 – Equus Muscle Management Certificate 3

2005 – Curriculum for Living [Landmark Education (Coaching in Excellence)]

2005 – The Advanced Communication Course.

2004 – Senior Instructor and Trail Guide – Horse Safety Australia
Certificate 111 Outdoor Recreation (Equine Studies)

1999 – Inventor of The Bracken Controller (a method of controlling Bracken Fern)

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