Excerpts “Modern Evolution: About Breeds”

“The modern horse spread throughout the habitable world because of its capability to
withstand the extremes of climactic conditions and its adaptability to the uses of man. In
these respects the horse has no equal.”

“While it is difficult to pin down an exact time frame, evidence suggests that the first
hints of domestication of the horse is to be found in the horse pens at Krasnyi Yar in
Kazakhstan, around 5000 BC. What is thought to be bit wear has been found on horse
teeth at Botai and Kazhai 1 in Kazakgstan dating around 3500-3000 BC, suggesting the
beginnings of horse domestication…”

“With the exception of its own progenitor, the Arab, the Thoroughbred has had more
influence on breeds than any other horse, and has been used to improve horse and pony
breeds throughout the world.”

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