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Holistic Horse Solutions is a unique equine online course because it covers everything there is to know about horses. Most of the course is online or printable PDF files (every lesson is in an ebook format), with some hands-on “at home” learning.

The main purposes of this course are to:

  • clear up misinformation that exists regarding equine pain and unwanted behaviours.
  • offer real solutions which ultimately lead to healing and/or clearer communication with the horse.
  • create certified Horse Solutions Consultants who in turn help others solve their horse problems.

The course enables you to gain an understanding of horses from the beginning of their time on Earth up until now.  We take a look at nutrition, the basics of anatomy, equine psychology (for example how horses learn) and how to assess whether a horse has a pain related or behavioural issue . We explore different training methods and help to create a new language between you and your horse. We look closely at how to maximize movement and increase your horse’s comfort level. One of our goals is to have more stress-free horses in the world!

The course suits horse owners and or lovers from all different fields; ranging from first time buyers to long term enthusiasts- anyone needing answers to their horse problems or wishing to enhance their equine knowledge and also someone wishing to start or enhance an Equine career.

The course clears up much of the misinformation (old wives tales, myths and hearsay) that exists in the horse industry. Information will be up-to-date according to current research and ongoing support is provided during and after the completion of the course.

Onsite coaching is available 3 times per annum.


Delivery method: 10 Modules for completion at your own pace for purchase over a period of 12 months.

After completion of 10 modules there is the option to purchase module 11 which gives you the basics of turning this knowledge into a career and the title of  ‘Certified Equine Solutions Consultant’.

*price A$220 per module or A$1800 in advance


Module 1: Let’s Begin

  • About Sharon Brennan and the Holistic Horse Solutions Course
  • Evolution of the horse from prehistoric times and the development of different breeds
  • Modern evolution – Natural selection vs Selective breeding

An introduction to:

  • Horse psychology and behaviour
  • Equine pain
  • Stretching your horse

Module 2: Holistic Health and Nutrition

  • Why does a horse need nutrients
  • Different breeds, different needs
  • The seasons and grazing
  • How feed affects health and behaviour
  • An introduction to natural feeding and herbal medicine
  • Worms
  • Paddock and property management: a sustainable future for horses and the environment
  • Teeth
  • Case studies

  • Module 3: Open Your Eyes and Open Your Mind!

    • Horse Psychology
    • Looking at the world through a horse’s eyes
    • Communication: human to horse, horse to horse
    • Clicker Training: a rewarding method of communication
    • Horse safety and awareness
    • Horse handling including floating
    • Paddock organisation for happy horses and a happy world

    Module 4: Skin and Bones

    • Anatomy and physiology
    • Breed peculiarities
    • No hoof, no horse!
    • Biomechanics: movement in relation to the skeleton and muscles
    • Saddle fit: myths blown away

    Module 5: Maximising Movement

    • Movement: get the best out of your horse
    • How muscles work
    • Form to function
    • Stretches for maximising movement
    • Ground work
    • Exercises under saddle

    Module 6: What’s Wrong With My Horse?

    • Recognising changes in behaviour
    • Natural and unnatural behaviour
    • Causes
    • Common issues
    • Solutions
    • Recognising pain: what is pain?
    • Causes
    • Symptoms
    • Alleviating and preventing pain
    • Solutions and rehabilitation

    Module 7: Healing Hands

    • Muscle therapy and massage
    • Trigger point myotherapy, EmmTech, Horse muscle care, Emmett technique, Bio light therapy, Equissage and more
    • Identifying the sore area and trying different techniques
    • Stretches to assist the healing process

    Module 8: Training Methods – Old & New

    • History of horses and human interaction
    • Common training methods
    • Conscious and unconscious training
    • A new era: modern training methods

    Module 9: Reprogramming The Way You Think

    • Thinking outside the ‘arena’ (square): how to solve problems in a different way
    • Examples of people working with horses in unique ways
    • Ways of thinking and training: positive or negative?
    • About you! – getting the best out of horses by getting the best out of yourself

    Module 10: Walk The Talk

    • Putting all this into practice
    • Evaluate the horse and identify the problem
    • Investigate potential perpetuating factors
    • Solutions…..what will solve this problem?
    • Other therapists or techniques to recommend
    • What to do with your new knowledge… consultant, nutritionist, instructor, trail guide, muscle therapist, trainer and more

    Module 11 (optional): Holistic Horse Solutions Consultant

    • Horse management and safety – working with other peoples horses
    • Communication with your client – empathy and compassion
    • Your practical case studies
    • How to create & maintain a succesful business
    • Basic hoof trim
    • Advanced saddle fit
    • Equine dental


    • History: the past and the present
    • Movement
    • Behaviours
    • Pain
    • ROM
    • Corrective techniques



    RPL of Horse Management and Safety can be provided by way of  certificate or video evidence.

    Attendance at Professional Equine Clinics such as AEBC, Horse Safety Australia and other recognised training bodies may be accepted in place of onsite attendance.


    Or 1 week intensive study course with Sharon Brennan, Tasmania, Australia.



    Contact us for more information
    Ph: +61 417 308 069

    This course is not designed to replace veterinarians and other qualified practitioners.
    It is a self interest course designed to expand your knowledge so that you can understand and identify reasons why your horse may be behaving the way it is, assist you in finding a solution and potentially certify you as an Holistic Horse Solutions Consultant.

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